Credit Enhancers

Additional steps may be taken to enhance the borrower's credit.

Promissory Note

Issuers may add an on-chain promise to repay the bond. This is displayed alongside the issuer information on the Bond page. The message to be signed consists of the bond address as well as the content This signature represents a promise to unconditionally repay the bond in full by the maturity date.

Developer Details
ARBOR_PROMISSORY_NOTE_DOMAIN = ({ chainId }: { chainId: number }) => ({
  name: 'Arbor Finance',
  version: '1.0.0',

  PromissoryNote: [
    { type: 'address', name: 'bond' },
    { type: 'string', name: 'content' },

ARBOR_PROMISSORY_NOTE_VALUE = (address: string) => ({
  bond: address,
    'This signature represents a promise to unconditionally pay the bond by the maturity date.',

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